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The Continuing Education Center (CEC)


Since its establishment  in 1989, the CEC has  contributed very firmly  to the building of a cadre of skilled personnel through the delivery of  high-quality training and capacity development programs. Such programs assist individuals in upgrading their skills and assist institutions, through a training needs assessment, in achieving effective organizational and institutional management plans. The training programs cover areas such as:

• Leadership & Managerial Skills.

• Advocacy & Campaigning Skills.

• Public speaking.

• Marketing  skills.

• Project cycle management.

• Public administration.

• Fundraising and proposal writing.

• Information technology.

• Democracy

• Policy Formulation.

• Community development.


Off the Shelf short Training Courses

Each course comprises  approximately 30 contact hours which is further  updated continuously to  meet specific and on-going needs  of the organizations, commercial entreprises and individuals. Professional trainers are carefully selected to provide the required training programs as being designed and planned. Successful trainees  are awarded  a certificate upon full completion of the course.


Professional Diploma Programs

In 2006, the CEC ranked the ICP to a distinguished position due to its  leadership of offering the professional diploma programs. The methodology of the training  is characterized by a  blended type  learning, which is a dual form of online and face-to-face learning. This methodology allows more flexibility in the delivery of the training with respect to the  limitations caused by time and distance. The Professional Diploma is composed of eight modules totaling 320 contact hours. Diploma programs are formally accredited  by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Programs can be provided optionally  as either face-to-face or as blended type learning (80% online and 20% face-to-face learning).The programs cover currently three new  fields:- "Small Enterprises", "E- Business" and " Project Management". The programs target different experienced individuals, such as project managers, entrepreneurs, coordinators, who seek to improve their personal capacities and develop their performances in favor of their enterprises. 



Tailor Made Training Programs

Furthermore, the CEC provides tailor-made training programs to meet the developmental needs of organizations. The training plans and contents are designed in cooperation with these organizations to identify their  needs and ensure that relevant theories, tools, and skills are delivered according to the output of the  needs assessment.Further consultations  and coaching are delivered to assist all   participants in  upgrading their skills,  a major  impact on  strengthening effective organizations or institutions. Accordingly, each training's length varies in  time and can be delivered either on-site   or in the  ICP training facilities in Bethlehem University.

In cooperation with UNESCO, ICP became  worldwide recognized as a licensed trainer provider of  International Computer Driving License certificate (ICDL), a recognition of  competency in fundamental computer literacy skills across most commercial software platforms (Microsoft, Lotus, etc.).


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