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Fair Trade Development Center
Fair Trade Development Center




The Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC)


Since the foundation of the FTDC in 2006, it has successfully  spread more  awareness to enhance the Fair Trade as a socioeconomic and development tool by  targeting small-scale producers and farmers.  To achieve greater  benefits, the FTDC has established alliances  and  deep rooted  partnerships with  highly esteemed  national  and  international NGOs  of diversified specializations to design and  implement  common comprehensive developmental programs.

Guided by the Fair Trade Principles, The FTDC aims at introducing new practices to  improve the livelihoods of small-scale producers and farmers, and  to enhance organized collective work based on a gender equitable capacity building in managerial, organizational, and marketing issues. The Center also seeks to allocate markets for Palestinian fairly produced products, increase the awareness of the Palestinian public on Fair Trade, and serve as useful   Information resources  for Fair Trade in Palestine.... READ MORE


Awareness Spots on FTDC:

ICP has launched several video clips to promote Fair Trade in Plaestine. Watch more in the following tubes:


Thumbnail Fair Trade Awareness spot 1 


Thumbnail Fair Trade Awareness Spot 2


Thumbnail Fair Trade Awareness Spot 3


Thumbnail Fair Trade Awareness Spot 4


List of Projects

Olive Aid

From Grove to Market

Development through Business Model cooperatives

Strengthening Palestinian Farmers & Small Scale Producers (STEPS)

Promoting Olive Oil Production & Market Access for Small Scale Olive farmers

Economic Development through Fair Trade Promotion

Sustainability of Olive Oil Cooperatives as Fair Trade






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