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Meet The Director

mousa rabadiAt certain stages in life, one stops and looks at the purpose of existence or his/her “mission.” Organizations do likewise: always attending to their mission and purpose of existence in order to rise up to it.

As part of a bigger academic institution, ICP’s mission has always been that of “human capital development.” Having defined that ultimate goal, ICP has devoted its continuous effort in recent years to determine the best path to arrive at that goal. In order to build on its long history of existence, the best path was to expand into larger and more sustainable programs that respond to the needs of the Palestinian community.

Centers of excellence are being created to ensure projects are mainstreamed into permanent programs with clear goals and objectives. Even if those centers are still being shaped up and built upon, we believe they are the start for guaranteeing further projects that contribute to their growth.

To begin, ICP managed to increase its longer-term projects (more than one year) from less than one to over seven projects currently being implemented. We provided the needed human resources, as well as the required facilities and logistics to ensure efficient implementation of these projects. We currently have 15 full-time staff. We have also renovated, through the support of our donors, the Mar Andrea building, which is being utilized for offices, training halls, as well as incubation facilities for some projects.

Evaluation of quality of our services is continuous: internally, externally, and through our beneficiaries. Numerous projects succeeded in design and implementation, and in many of them were labeled as “first time successes” in Palestine. Examples included the first professional diplomas using blending learning and the internet technology, first “E-Business Diploma,” first “Small Enterprises Diploma,” first “Project Management Diploma,” first “Public Administration Diploma,” first “Cooperative Diploma,” and first “Prevention and Intervention of Drug Abusers.” Several projects excelled and received positive feedback from partners locally and internationally, resulting in renewed projects and additional grants. We acknowledge, however, that self-assessment and continuous revision of programs is a necessity in order to succeed with the responsibilities we have assumed.

We believe in promoting solid technical, entrepreneurial, and managerial education, and providing access to such education to as many individuals and organizations as possible, while always recognizing and emphasizing the need to develop a common strategic vision and definition for development in Palestine.

ICP prides itself in offering a unique blend of components in order to provide high-quality training activities, organizational development, and consulting services. Community planning is conducted on a continuous basis to promote cooperative working between organizations in order to develop a shared strategic vision for local community, sector, or geographical area; providing greater opportunities for community participation; and encouraging more integrated service delivery across organizational boundaries.

Finally, a warm “thank you” to all our friends, supporters, and our team at ICP and Bethlehem University, all of whom have been the fuel for our work. But most importantly, we thank our beneficiaries, whom we do not consider as recipients of services, but as equal partners in designing and implementing programs that contribute to the overall development of our country.

Dr. Moussa Rabadi, Director