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An Interview with Ms. Samar Ghattas


Palestinian Artist from Bethlehem


Samar Ghattas 

Samar Ghattas is a modern Palestinian visual artist and belongs to a minority of female Palestinian artists. After receiving her Master’s in     Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine, she returned to her hometown of Bethlehem, where she is now lecturer in Fine Arts at the University of Bethlehem. Her works include watercolor paintings, mixed media, ink, iconography, ceramics, and digital media. She had painting exhibitions in Palestine, Europe, and the United States.




Samar’s main goal is to reflect Palestinian life in all its complexities through her personal experiences and perspective. Her paintings reflect on the nature of human relationships and the complex meanings of love.

Interestingly, the paintings use universal moments of strong emotions that happen between a couple, such as love, conflict, and jealousy.

Samar creates her watercolors in a delicate, exquisitely detailed manner. When looking at her work, one thinks of mosaics and inlaid precious stones. Some artists draw the horrors of war and some draw dreams of escape. In Ghattas's watercolors, the two are combined.





Paving the way…to an Interview with Ms. Samar Ghattas, Art Instructor at Bethlehem University

Since Turathuna Center has always been the Library’s centerpiece for Palestinian heritage, we invest our best efforts at keeping alive and reviving this precious heritage using many methods such as through oral history (interviews), in order to keep tradition alive through the generations.

For the online e-turathuna, our goal as a team is to showcase Palestinians with different educational backgrounds. They are Palestinians whose passion has been, and continues to be, the preservation of Palestinian heritage with the aim of sharing this richness as a legacy to the present and future generations of young Palestinians.

During Fall 2018, we conducted an interview with Ms. Samar Ghattas, an Art instructor here at the University. We are very grateful to Ms. Samar for giving us her time to do the interview and allowing us to take pictures in her classes. During the interview, Ms. Samar showed us her talent through her paintings and the exhibitions that showcased her art through the various stages of her life.  She always aimed at expressing herself through her paintings because she thinks that art is all about creativity, new ideas, and expressing one’s opinion in multifaceted ways.  Ms. Samar’s art in general reflects Palestinian life; it shows the struggles about life in Palestine and also focuses on women. She showed her commitment to Palestine and the Palestinian heritage through the exhibition held at Bethlehem University about Gaza. The political situation in October 2018 became worse, and since she had friends from Gaza she was affected very deeply. Hence, she wanted to express the daily life and the whole situation in Palestine, focusing on Gaza.

The interview that follows speaks volumes of Ms. Ghattas’ passion for art as depicted in her paintings on and about the people and places of Palestine.

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