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Bethlehem University now provides vocational training as well as its well-established academic program to support the development of the tourism industry throughout Palestine.  Plans are underway to develop the newly acquired Mount David site to give magnificent training facilities for both programs.

Board of the Bethlehem University Tourism Institute (BUTi)



Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh, (Chairman)

Director Net Tours (Jerusalem/Rome)Member of the Board of Trustees of Bethlehem University

Father Juan Solana L.C.

Notre Dame Hotel, Jerusalem. Director of Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame Jerusalem Centre

Father Ibrahim Faltas OFM

Representative of the Custody in the State of Palestine

Mr. Samir O Hulileh CEO, Nassar Stone Company

Dr. Georg Röwekamp

Director, German Association of the Holy Land (Dvhl)

Mr. Kareem Abdul Hadi

General Manager, Jerusalem Investment and Development Company

Mr. Fahmi Ausama R Nashashibi

General Manager of Golden Walls Hotel, Jerusalem

Mr. Sami B Khoury

Founder & General Manager Alternative Business Solutions Pty Ltd., Marketing & Sales Manager, Shepherds Tours & Travel, Bethlehem. Member of Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA)

 Mr. Kevork Deldelian

CEO Millennium Hotels & Resorts, MEA Region

Mr. Mazen Karam

Managing Director/CEO, Bethlehem Development Foundation (BDF)

Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD

BU Vice Chancellor

Dr. Irene Hazou/Makhoul

BU VP for Academic Affairs

Mr. Youil Anastas

BU VP for Finance

Mr. Hassan Costantini (Board Secretary)

BU Manager of Planning and Business Development


Board's functions:

1) Govern the Institute according to best practice
2) Establish and maintain strategic relationships with key industry bodies
3) Develop the vision for the Institute 
4 ) Develop a strategic plan for implementing the vision of the Institute 
5 ) Develop and oversight an appropriate budget within the agreed parameters to ensure delivery of the agreed facilities development and learning outcomes
6 ) Recommend to the Vice Chancellor the key Institute leadership personnel
7 ) Source, induct, support, guide and hold accountable the CEO in the implementation of the vision
8 ) Facilitate developing the Institute’s local, regional and international reputation
9 ) Lead fundraising efforts to support the Institute’s Faculty and student scholarship program.

Hassan Costantini
Manager of Planning & Business
Phone: (+970) 2 2741241 ext 2430



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