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February 25, 2010

CIS Boot Camp Provides Students with Practical Server Experience

CIS BootcampIn its first activity for the 2010 spring semester, the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) organized a Windows Server 2008 boot camp event. The two-day event—held on Thursday, 4 February 2010 and Saturday, 6 February 2010—was designed to train CIS students in the latest and most advanced Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Operating System release.

CIS partnered with the Bethlehem University Institute for Community Partnership as well as the Palestinian IT Professionals (PalPros) and the PalDev communities to create the boot camp event. This is the third time CIS has partnered with PalPros and PalDev, Palestinian online communities interested in Microsoft technologies.

CIS BootcampWe are “trying to actually have more links with the industry,” explained Bethlehem University CIS Chairperson Dr. Muna Matar (BU ’81). “We teach the theory of this subject, but when our students graduate and go to the job market, they need to have more hands-on experience.”

Twenty-one CIS third and fourth year students attended the 12-hour boot camp training at the ICP Mar Andrea building computer lab. With training material designed and presented by PalPros leader Jihad Hammad, the boot camp “comes as a practical experience, especially for students who completed the Operating Systems course last semester,” Matar said.


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