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March 15, 2010

Learning Through First Hand Experience

First handThe Faculty of Education held a two-day Education Fair on 22 February 2010.  In its third consecutive year, the fair is part of the Faculty of Education’s multi-year project Quality of Education for All Through Partnership.

The fair was comprised of different sections: drama, storytelling, live experience demonstrations; manufacturing yogurt, butter, and cheese, and cultural heritage corner.  Additionally, school students participated in all activities including face painting, puppet show, mathematics games, science projects, and geography games. They were rewarded with books.

Some 2000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade in Bethlehem District visited the fair. School teachers agreed that the fair added to their students’ educational knowledge by providing a joyful learning experience.  On another level, a representative from the Fundación Promoción Social  de la Cultura, which funds the education project, added, “We are inspired by the work Bethlehem University has done.”

For participating schools, the fair experience highlights lessons learned in the education project teaching workshops. Because there is no limit to education, explained Sahar Estephan, Director of Elementary Classes at St. Joseph School in Bethlehem, every day is something new. By participating in the education project, she and her teachers have broadened their ideas, learned new ways of solving problems, and exchanged experiences with teachers from other schools, she said.

For their part, students at the fair seemed to enjoy the novel educational experience—filling the fair space with laughing, playing and learning. They were also eager to share what they had learned about traditional Palestinian culture. “I learned from the traditional story about the traditional wedding,” said Adel, a fourth grade student at Al-Abrahami Charitable Association School.

Students also enjoyed some science projects on topics like  mold and congealment, and they participated in games. These activities helped students consolidate the knowledge acquired at school, and for those students who had to explain some projects like coagulation, their experience was priceless. Answering visitors’ questions and explaining their projects not only strengthened students’ confidence and self esteem, but also made them feel recognized and appreciated.

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