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March 26, 2010

What’s in Your Lunch Box?

Bethlehem University Business Students Re-think the School Lunch

Lunch boxNo matter what lunches parents send to school, buying lunch holds a special appeal for school children. And while purchased lunches certainly shorten parents’ to-do lists, they often do so by replacing quality food with junk snacks.

Enter the Lunch Box.

Created by fourth-year Bethlehem University business students Nadine Baboun and Nadine Antar, the fledgling business idea is based on creating healthy boxed lunches for sale in schools. By purchasing handmade lunches, children enjoy the independent feeling of buying lunch while eating food their parents can feel good about.

Baboun and Antar debuted the idea at the Business Plan Competition 2009, sponsored by Transjordan Engineering Co. Ltd. The competition is designed to raise university students’ and graduates’ awareness of entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Competing against 30 participants, Baboun and Antar reached the top five. Then they presented their idea before a panel of business experts and received the first prize, including $700.

To put their idea in motion, Baboun and Antar anticipate needing 42,500 NIS in seed money and three part-time employees working from home. They need to sell 176 meals per day to break even, with their packages—sandwich, fruit, vegetable and dessert—retailing at 5 NIS apiece. With first-year sales projected at 310,500, their simple idea may soon redefine the school lunch.

Baboun and Antar wish to thank their teachers at Bethlehem University for supporting and encouraging them in the competition.


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