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April 6, 2010

North Central Lieutenancy Helps Build Healthy Bodies

Healthy bodiesThe fitness room at Bethlehem University is small, but its role is mighty. Besides encouraging healthy physical activity for students, faculty and staff, it also helps train University athletes. It even aids in the physical therapy process for people rehabilitating after minor injuries.

Thanks to support from the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre United States North Central Lieutenancy, the room is now better than ever. Their donation purchased three new machines that can guide a whole range of exercises.

“The equipment will fulfill the needs of frequent use of the fitness room,” said Samar Araj, Bethlehem Unviersity Athletics Director, “and reduce the limitations caused by the lack of numbers and variety in equipment.”

Healthy bodiesThose benefits also mean greater achievements for University athletes like the men’s basketball team, which recently won first place in the Palestinian Universities Basketball Championship held Tuesday, March 23rd at the Catholic Action Center in Bethlehem.

The improved fitness center even hosted a weightlifting championship among University students on March 25th. First place in the under 80-kilogram category went to Yacoub Kasasfeh and second place to Yousef Safadi, while Fareed Mukarker won the over 80 category with Mousa Moalem placing second.

Bethlehem University wishes to thank the North Central Lieutenancy for its kind assistance. The lieutenancy’s support helps the University better serve students and the local community with improved resources.


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