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June 1, 2010

Bethlehem University Hosts the Palestinian Festival of Literature

LiteratureThe Palestine Festival of Literature was hosted by Bethlehem University on 4th  May 2010. Approximately 20 pronounced authors, advocates, critics, theatre producers and photographers attending the Palestine Festival of Literature (Palfest) came to Bethlehem University campus for a series of activities with the students and faculty.

A plenary session took place from 1:00-2:00 in Cardinal Furno Hall and later students were separated into 5 workshops with two to three authors: The Narrative, Beyond Fiction, The Stage, Functions of Criticism, and Advocacy. As well, educators, a photographer and film maker met with staff for future cooperation with BU.

During the workshop Five of Bethlehem University English major students wrote poems about Palestine and their life. The five poems are: OUR BELOVED PALESTINE by Suha Iklil, TO JERUSALEM, by Shuruq Ayyad, A CONFESSION by Nagham Hussein, WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE ME? by Grace Nicola Awwad, and  I AM NOT AN I.D, by Aya Khashan.

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