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June 3, 2010

Master’s in Tourism Management Studies “A Better Way To Serve Palestinians”

TourismAs part of its mission to continuously serve the Palestinian community, Bethlehem University has always asked the question “is there a better way to do so?”.  The University is always looking for ways to meet the increasing educational demand in Palestine and to match it with the needs of the local market.

Located in a significant center of pilgrimage to three monotheistic religions, with a rich cultural and historical heritage and natural attractions, Bethlehem University has always placed great emphasis on providing quality programs in hotel management, tourism and tour guiding.  The Institute of Hotel Management at the University is the first and only one in Palestine to offer a BA degree in Hotel Management.

TourismIn a response to the increasing demand in the tourism sector for more qualified and experienced people, Bethlehem University joined forces with the London Metropolitan University in the UK, and the Finnish University network for Tourism Studies at the University of Joensuu in Finland to offer a new innovative graduate program in Tourism.  

The Master’s in Tourism Management Studies is a two-year post graduate program intend to provide an in-depth analysis of the main academic and technical issues whose knowledge represents an asset for the development of the tourism industry in Palestine. It covers a wide range of subjects - from Economics of tourism to History of tourism in the Middle East, from Social issues to Management of Tourism agencies. Being a uniquely multidisciplinary program, it is expected to be of interest for many groups of people; university graduates, Tourism agency officers wishing to upgrade their qualifications, public administrators in the field of tourism and employees of several relevant ministries.

The general objective of this program is to contribute to the capacity-building of the Palestinian tourism offer and tourism industry in general, and to the improvement of the quality of tourism services in Palestine. The specific goal of the program is to form qualified personnel with an expertise in the analysis of complex scenarios who may be able to design and implement tourism development projects, or to carry on research activities for tourism development purposes, especially in the Palestinian environment.

The Master’s is to be affiliated to the school of Hotel Management that already offers a diploma in Tourism.  The school of Hotel Management will be supported by the faculty of Business Administration at Bethlehem University to offer courses in management and marketing. The Faculty of Business already offers and accredited Master’s program in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD).

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