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August 9, 2010

Samar Al-Araj Mousa Receives Teaching Excellence Award

Graduation 2012Bethlehem University is proud to announce that Samar Al-Araj Mousa, Director of the Athletics Department, received the AMIDEAST Palestinian Faculty Development Program 2010 Teaching Excellence Award.

Samar Al-Araj Mousa credits her life's work as a female sports educator to her mother, the late Victoria Araj: "When everybody thought that It's not a good idea for a lady to take part in the physical education world, my mother stood by me and taught me that Women if not more capable, they are as capable as men!" Her mother's encouragement set her on the path that took her through studying physical education at the University of Jordan, working in a male dominated field, to eventually becoming the head of the Palestinian Sports Federation.

Described by Rizek Sleibi, Dean of the Faculty of Education, as "brilliant, resourceful, and cooperative," Ms. Al-Araj Mousa has worked hard to empower women and nurture the participation of Middle-Eastern women in athletics in Palestine and the Arab world. Such was Ms. Al-Araj Mousa's committment to women's involvement in athletics that she was instrumental in forming the first national female football team.

Health and fitness guide Ms. Al-Araj Mousa's work; She writes "Creating a competitive environment full of respect and understanding, teaching people the team spirit, and making them more cooperative were my primary motives" to studying physical education.

Bethlehem University's story is one of people committed to pursuing their higher education – perseverance and courage in the face of adversity and injustice – working together in hope with an ever widening international circle of colleagues to build a better future. Bethlehem University is proud that the Palestinian Faculty Development Program recognized Samar Al-Araj Mousa's part in the story of the University.


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