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August 26, 2010

Amal Al Bandak Returns from Summer Internship

By Sir Charles and Lady Ede Radloff

Amal Al BandakRecently the Lieutenancy embarked on an outreach program engaging the Western USA lieutenancy, Northwest Lieutenancy and Bethlehem University in a program identified as the Bethlehem University International Summer Internship Program. Implementing the Internship Program required the following: an employer; a host family; and $2,500 in funding to cover expenses. Through the generosity of San Diego members of the Lieutenancy, and a donation by the Pentecost Festival Committee of San Rafael Parish in San Diego, the expenses of the internship have been covered.

Amal Al BandakThrough the cooperation of Lady Kathryn S. Colachis, LGCHS, the Rancho Bernardo Inn agreed to serve as the employer for the internship. Ms. Amal Al Bandak, a third year student majoring in Hotel-Resort-Spa Management has been selected by the University to serve as the intern in San Diego at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Amal lives with her family in Beit Jala, a village adjacent to Bethlehem, and her family has roots in the area extending back hundreds of years, truly Palestinian Christian from the Mother Church. Amal is scheduled to serve as an intern from July 10th through August 20th.

In addition to excelling in her studies at the University, Amal is active in extra curricular activities in digital photography, and has participated in French Cultural Week. Amal is fluent in French and English in addition to her native Arabic.

Management at the Rancho Bernardo Inn has prepared an “Internship Road Map” designed to expose Amal to a range of operations of the company including attendance at management staff meetings, revenue meetings and group evaluations. A successful internship will prepare Amal for employment upon graduation, and equip her to participate in employment workshops at the university so she can share the benefits of her internship with other students.

Identifying a host family located in reasonable commuting distance from the place of employment proved to be a challenge. Fortunately the home of Sir Chuck and Lady Ede Radloff is located near the Rancho Bernardo Inn, and they have volunteered to serve as the host family for Amal.

As of now, all details are in place, Amal has received her visa to travel to the USA, medical insurance coverage has been arranged, a legal position by the State of California concerning Workman’s Compensation (courtesy of Lady Rosa Cumare) has been obtained, and transportation has been arranged.

The Bethlehem University Internship Program provides an opportunity for members of the Lieutenancy to assist in the academic of our Christian brethren in the Holy Land, and the opportunity to develop a friendship of a lovely young student striving for a successful career in the war town economy in the Holy Land. Lets say a prayer for her!

Reprinted with permission of Sir Charles and Lady Ede Radloff. Originally published in the Newsletter of the Western Lieutenancy of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre


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