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September 17, 2010

Bethlehem University Instructor Nadera Al-Araj participates in Internet Government Forum 2010

Nadera al-Araj has been involved in Internet Governance since May 2009 when she took online courses on Issues on Internet Governance and subsequently received a fellowship to participate in IGF09, the Internet Government Forum in 2009.

In recognition of her work and Ms. Al-Araj received a certificate by DiploFoundation to be an online trainer with a focus on the issue of internet governance. Writing DiploFoundation Ms. Al-Araj said: "I put some emphasis on Web2.0 and Social networking and put my student into action on Twitter." Ms. Al-Araj’s "BU266 E-Business" class has a blog with frequent updates from students.

This year Ms. Al-Araj participated in the Internet Governance Forum again but this time as a coordinator. She worked hard to bring Palestinian participants to the conference through video conferences, chatting and email. In one of her reports to the IGF Ms. Al-Araj noted the importance of bringing the Palestinian experience to the wider world through such forums.

Ms. Al-Araj connects Bethlehem University to the wider world and seeks to widen student and faculty involvement in international institutions and conferences, to that end she encouraged students to apply for Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP) in 2010.

"Understanding the importance of the IG issues to everyone on the society particularly to our […] students." – Nadera Al-Araj


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