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September 21, 2010

Bethlehem University Welcomes Brother Ambrose Payne and Brother Martin Blattman

Ambrose PayneOn Monday 20 September, Br. Ambrose Payne, Visitor of the Province of the De La Salle Brothers of the Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, and Br. Martin Blattman visited Bethlehem University.  The two guests met with Br. Peter Bray, Bethlehem University Vice Chancellor, as well as other brothers, faculty members, and students.

During their tour of the University Campus, Br. Ambrose and Br. Martin  joined by Br. Peter Bray stopped by the newly unveiled Lasallian Heritage of Bethlehem University Triptych on the second floor of De La Salle Hall.  The Triptych was unveiled and blessed in a ceremony on Friday 20 August 2010 prior to the annual start of academic year faculty meeting.  The triptych was made possible by the generous gifts of fraternal support, prayers, and financial resources from Brother Ambrose, De La Salle Brothers, New Zealand, Brigidine Sisters, New Zealand, and Assumptionist Fathers, New Zealand.

Br. Ambrose and Br. Martin expressed their admiration of the service Bethlehem University is providing to the Palestinian People, and the commitment of the brothers, faculty, and staff at the University.


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