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October 8, 2010

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Visits Bethlehem University

MontenegroBethlehem University hosted on Monday the Minester of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Mr. Milan Rocen. The visit was part of a tour in the Bethlehem area by Mr. Rocen whose visit also included certain historical sites that he was introduced to as he was lead by H.E. the Palestinian Minster of Tourism, Dr. Khalud Daibis, H.E. the Governor of Bethlehem, Mr. Abdel Fattah Hamiyel, and the Mayor of Bethlehem City, Mr. George Sa'adeh.

The Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Br. Peter Bray, was at the forefront to welcome the Minster upon his arrival and gave him along with several staff and faculty members a tour of the University and a briefing about its history. The group discussed the vital role that education plays in creating leaders for the future of Palestine. "They can take the land, destroy homes, and restrict our movement, but they can never take away our education" said Br. Peter Bray as he was explaining to the minister the importance of education to the Palestinian people and to the future Palestinian State.

MontenegroMr. Rocen concluded the visit by expressing how deeply grateful he was to be in such a beautiful historical city and among a people that have deep valued relations with his country. The minister also emphasized the need to establish more academic relations between Universities in Palestinian and Montenegro.


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