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October 18, 2010

Broadway Tab Dance Group Performs at Bethlehem University

Tap danceIf you are to attend a local entertainment event in Palestine, you will more than likely be entertained by a group of dabke dancers, the most popular Arabic folk dance. On Friday, Oct. 1st, students and staff at Bethlehem University got to experience a new form of entertainment, one that drew applause, smiles and excitement from the various students who were present at the event.

Sound filled the music room in the social cultural building as the New York Tap Ensemble Cast provided a great show as they maneuvered the stage with quick tricky moves. Unlike Dabke dancers, Tap Dance requires the performers to wear tap dancing shoes with metal plates attached to their shoes, something that is unique and new to the Palestinian public.
Tap danceThe program was set up by the U.S Department of State Cultural Affairs Officer, Cynthia Harvey who was excited to bring a new wave of entertainment and certainly a fresh one to the youth of Palestine. As stated on the founder’s website, Noah Racey, The hope of the group is to reach across cultural boundaries and differences, to touch the hearts of audiences and to honor the connection that has existed, and will always exist between different people regardless of race, and culture.
The reaction of the students was great, and talk about how nice the show was only proved what a success the idea is. In the end it is art and music that triumphs and leads the way bringing more excitement and blending together two people that are so much different but yet in many ways undeniable unlike, for we are at the end all after the same goal, love, peace and happiness.

Photos by Jeries Mansour


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