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October 8, 2010

Mr. Tom Kennedy, Representative from the New Zealand Embassy in Turkey visits Bethlehem University Library

On the 5th of October, Mr. Tom Kennedy visited BU Library to see the progress being made in the digitalization project which the New Zealand Embassy in Ankara, Turkey has funded at the end of last year 2009. Special mention and gratitude for the support received from Brother Peter Bray, FSC, the Vice Chancellor, who has endorsed this project.

Announced to us in the Library by Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, we warmly welcomed Tom and took him along the various stages of the project.

It is worthwhile to mention at this point that the New Zealand Embassy has now approved two grant awards for this Library project. The first, a generous amount of $5,000 allowed the purchase of a streaming server which the team – Wasim Zoughbi, Mike Lama of the Computer Centre, George Maria and Francis Sleibi of the Audio-visual Centre – has worked on laboriously through a series of meetings. George showed Tom how the streaming server works from a link on the Library homepage (please see photos below) which was complimented by Sr. Rose Amacanin and Rebecca Calaor who had also their inputs in the various stages of the project.

From the Library – and after meeting the staff involved in the project – we moved on to the Computer Centre where Tom met Nihad Jubran, Director, as well as Wasim and Mike who both spoke about their work as a team and how BU in general aims to enhance the teaching-learning process through the proper and creative use of technology.

A second grant award was received by BU library in the amount of $10,000 to acquire high-powered computers that will complement the effective use of the streaming server. Once released, the Computer Centre will facilitate and speed up the installation of these computers in the Library premises.
The following photos – taken by Mike Hazboun of the Digital Media Centre -  document this most appreciated visit by Tom Kennedy.

Tom KennedyL-R: Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor with Mr. Tom Kennedy, Representative from New Zealand Embassy in Ankara, Turkey; and George Maria, AVC Head.




Tom KennedyGeorge works with Sr. Rose (center) and Rebecca as archival materials are converted into digital form.




Tom KennedyTom and George on their way to the Computer Centre…





Tom KennedyGeorge shows Tom the images accessed from the streaming server through the Library Homepage link.




Tom Kennedy“We can dream…,” Mellie tells Tom – “… and we are thankful to you…”  while Sr. Rose and George listen approvingly.




Tom KennedyNihad Jubran, Computer Centre Director, welcomes Tom, as Mike Lama, looks on.




Tom KennedyWasim explains their work to Tom while Mike and George listen and also share their contributions.




Tom KennedyWasim Zoughbi, Team Leader for the work on the streaming server, shows the server to Tom.


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