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November 2, 2010

Members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre - North Western Lieutenancy visit Bethlehem University

KnightsOn Tuesday, October 28th members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre from the North Western Lieutenancy visited Bethlehem University as part of their pilgrimage tour to the Holy Land.  Br. Jack Curran, Vice President for Development, Mr. Philip Daoud , Communications & Alumni Relations Manager and other staff members were present to greet the group upon their arrival and lead them around campus before heading to enjoy a lovely meal that was prepared by students enrolled in the Hotel Management program.

The group, a very dear friend and supporter of Bethlehem University, got to meet current students that had benefited from their support and financial assistance. Mike Abu Mohor one of those students who was hosted by Mr. Michael and Mrs. Careen Hall while completing his internship through the Sir John H. McGuckin Mentoring Program was more than gracious for the opportunity that the Northwestern Lieutenancy had provided him.

KnightsAnother student, Saleh Handal was also present and was thrilled to be able to thank members of the order in person. Saleh was hosted by Mr. Jose G. Lopez and when asked how his experience was he had the following to say, “Mr. Lopez, who was close to my age was a very nice guy. We would hang out, go the movies on the weekends and just visit different areas”. It was obvious by looking at Salah as he reflected upon his experiences that those memories were fresh and would remain with him for a very long time”. Additionally, Saleh was also very happy to have had the opportunity to intern at GTO Packing which gave him a wealth of knowledge in his field.  

As one student said, “Some of us may never be able to leave this country”, and so to see this kind of thing happen, it only makes the opportunity seem more of a reality to other students who  all of a sudden feel that someone is there to help, someone does care and does want to make a change.  

Adding his appreciation for the support was Mr. Philip Daoud, who played a role in preparing the students for their short yet exciting journeys abroad. “Our students brought back stories, new experiences from a different culture, and I believe they also gave a great insight about our culture to their host families. The program was mutually beneficial and our students certainly will not forget the support you offered”.

Click here to view more photos from the visit


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