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November 8, 2010

Bethlehem University Receives Major Grant to Support the Establishment of the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence

GrantAMIDEAST, through its Palestinian Faculty Development Program, announced this week that Bethlehem University is one of two West Bank universities to receive a US $ 400,000 grant, generously funded by USAID, to create a Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence.

At a meeting held at the University on 3 November, Dr. John Shumaker, Chief of Party for the Palestinian Faculty Development Program, described and explained to University officials the overall goals and structure of the grant. Dr. Shumaker was accompanied by Ms. Samar Abboushi, Education Program Manager, and Ms. Jumana Dabis, Communication Coordinator, of the Program.

Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University stated that “with the support of this grant, Bethlehem University will be addressing multiple goals over the course of the coming two years. The grant will enable the university to continue to find better ways to educate those who enroll in its many and diverse academic and professional programs and to continue to be a provider of quality higher education in Palestine.”


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