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December 1, 2010

BU Graduate Establishes Scholarship in Honor of His Professor

Hotel Management Student Receives Walid Dajani Scholarship

Scholarship“Fifty years ago, I was sitting here like you today in an interview to receive a scholarship to finish my studies. At that time my parents did not want me to continue my education. You are lucky today to have the support of your family” Mr. Walid Dajani, founder and former director of the Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism, said to the student Ranjana Dissi (BU’12).

On Friday, 12 November 2010, Ranjana was awarded the Walid Dajani Scholarship for her excellence in the Hotel Management. “This is a great honor for me to be awarded a scholarship named after a man who did wonderful things to the university,” said Ranjana expressing her gratefulness for this scholarship. “I really learned and enjoyed listening to his advice and stories. This encourages me to do better in my studies and be someone like him”, she continued.

ScholarshipWalid Dajani Annual Scholarship was established this year 2010 by Bethlehem University graduate Hani Imam (BU’77). Hani established the scholarship in honor of his teacher and supporter Mr. Walid Dajani. “When Hani came to my office for an interview, I was not sure if he will pass it or not. But he did great in his interview so I decided to give him a chance,” Mr. Dajani said about Hani. “Now he is a great example for a Palestinian ambassador. I am very proud of what he has become,” Mr. Dajani continued. Hani is now living with his family in the United States. He has his own consulting firm and he wanted to thank his teacher, Walid, for what he did for his students so he established this scholarship on his honor. “Hani was the first student to receive training in Imperial Vienna in Austria when he was 18 years old,” Walid said to Ranjana. “I am very impressed with the achievements Hani accomplished in his life. For me, he is a model to look at and learn from,” Ranjana said after hearing about Hani and his achievements.

Mr. Nabil Mufdi (BU’75), Director of the Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism, was very pleased to know that his former classmate Hani established this scholarship after a great teacher, “Hani is a good friend and colleague and Walid is a wonderful teacher. Both are close to my heart,” Nabil said.  

Bethlehem University is grateful for the donation and support of its Alumnus Hani and his family. We are very proud of what he has become.  


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