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June 4, 2010

Faculty of Nursing Organizes Workshop on Health Promotion and Adaptive Equipment Exhibition

NursingOn Thursday, 27 May 2010, the Faculty of Nursing organized a workshop on Health Promotion and Adaptive Equipment Exhibition, as part of Physical and Occupational Therapy Program.

Held for the second year, this workshop aims not only at raising local community health awareness through presentations and exhibitions, but it also aims at engaging students in practical practice to be familiar with the community needs.

Preparing for this workshop, students created an electrical bed with motors as adaptive tools for people with specific disabilities. Brochures were distributed alongside with documentaries as means for enhancing health awareness among the participants. “We presented a documentary on teenager health, and seating positions,”  a student explained.

NursingAs a part of the University mission of reaching out to the local community, Nursing and Health Sciences students also were asked to work on Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program. This program is based on working with foundations that provide services for children with disability.

The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, is also engaged in many conferences and workshops through the Faculty Dean and the Lecturers; On Friday, 16 April, 2010, Ms. Amal Abu Nijmeh Fakhouri, Dean of Faculty of Nursing, presented a paper entitled “Neonatal Nursing in Palestine: Current Situation and Future Vision” during a  Scientific day concerning “Neonatal Care at Holy Family Hospital” which was held in Dar Al-Nadwa Hall at Bethlehem.

Sixteen years ago Ms. Fakhouri was working at one of the leading hospitals in Palestine, Al-Makassed, she was one of the first nurses who founded the Neonatal Unit in this hospital. On the occasion of celebrating the silver jubilee for opening the Neonatal unit at Al-Makassed Hospital, Ms. Fakhouri received a recognition award for her valuable input in this Unit. “I have a vision to establish a Neonatal Nursing Society,” she said, “in order to enhance networking between all nurses and annual conferences, aiming at adding up to the nurses continuous education and updating their skills and knowledge,” she explained.

As a part of her vision, Ms. Fahouri along with the Coordinator of the Program, Dr. Hania Al-Jouzy , Ms. Kifa’ Da’as, Ms. Suhair Nakhleh, and Ms. Amal Ahmad took the first group of High Diploma Neonatal Nursing students in a professional visits to all over the country’s hospitals. The aim of the visits was to expose our students to existing neonatal intensive care units and to build professional and educational links with the Medical and Nursing staff in an effort to improve the Bethlehem University Neonatal  program in specific and the Neonatal Specialty in Palestine in general.

Ms. Mariam Samara Awad, lecturer in Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University is interested in Breast Cancer and quality life for women with this diseases; apart from the training of trainers workshop she organized in 2009, she also presented a research paper entitled “Factors influencing quality of life for women with breast cancer in Palestine” in two conferences the “5th international Asian conference for cancer prevention, in Istanbul-Turkey” and the “Third international Nursing conference “The heart of the Matter: Relevance of Nursing responsiveness”, in Amman-Jordan. She also worked with Ms. Hanan Saca Hazboun on a poster entitled “Quality of life for women with breast cancer in Palestine” at the annual research symposium entitled “The Many Dimensions of Nursing Research” held at Villanova University in USA..

Part of their interest in breast cancer awareness, nursing students at Bethlehem University, Qubiebeh, and the Midwifery students with their clinical instructors, participated in the National Central March to launch the National campaign for early detection of breast cancer. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and of UNRWA and the private health institutions, local universities and medical schools of Palestine participated in the march.

Reaching for the community is one of the initiative Faculty of Nursing is taking; The Nursing Faculty conducted two scientific days on Monday, 10 May and on Tuesday, 11th of May, in order to present 10 of Senior students’ research results of their seminar for health and academic institutions from all over Palestine. The seminars varied from health care delivery topics to drug errors. The main object of presenting the results to other institutions is to keep those institutions updated with the new findings so that they can improve health care delivery services.

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