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June 18, 2010

FTDC Celebrates the Annual World Fair Trade Day

Fair tradeIn recognition of the effort of the late pioneer Mr. Jamal Salameh, who dedicated his life to advance the Fair Trade movement in Palestine, The Fair Trade Development Center at Bethlehem University organized a "Trees Planting" event to celebrate the Annual World Fair Trade Day at Mar Andrea Building on 10th of May 2010.

Mr. Salameh was very influential in helping to create and promote Fair Trade in Palestine, being one of the first people to address the topic and bring awareness to this important issue. In addition to Fair Trade, he also worked in certifying the first foundation for olive wood trees that follows fair trade principles. He was the one who initiated the idea of establishing FCDT at the ICP, Bethlehem University. While he is no longer among us, Mr. Salameh’s spirit lives on with the work of FTDC.  

Fair tradeThe Annual Fair Trade Day included planting three hundred trees in the land surrounding Mar Andrea, and was dedicated to honor ICP partners and sponsors. One of those trees was named after Mr. Salameh.  His wife attended the Tree Planting event in which she was honored on his behalf for his important contribution to Fair Trade movement in Palestine and the region.

During the event several Olive Oil Cooperatives were recognized for being certified by the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) or the World Fair Trade Organization - WFTO.   The FTDC worked with those cooperatives for several years to improve their work and management to be qualified to receive those certificates.


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