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20 January, 2011

Bethlehem University Partners With Palestine Red Crescent for First Aid Workshop

Red CrescentDuring January 2011, the PRCS and Bethlehem University's Office of the Dean of Students teamed up to provide a gratis basic first aid training course to students interested in learning more about the first steps to take when dealing with the injured. The course was a result of initiative between the Dean of Students Office and PCRS in order to build partnerships and enrich students skill set and experience.

Skills taught during the 21 hour course taught how to treat choking, burns and cuts, broken limbs, shock, heart attacks, bleeding, animal bites, performing CPR as well as other common injuries and life threatening situations that can arise. Present to pass on these life saving techniques to Bethlehem University students, of which many were from nursing students, were Mr. Abd Al Haleem Gaafrh, Director of Emergency Medical Services in Bethlehem, Mr. Muhammad Abu Al Rayyan – EMS Intermediate and Mr. Ibrahim Thawabteh – EMS basic.

Red CrescentPart of the PRCS mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering while promoting health and social welfare and volunteerism. Such courses help average citizens to prepare and respond to disasters while enabling partnerships to develop between the PRCS and the local community – both of which are priority areas of the organization. The

Students were able to learn many skills that were "practical,” as Ala’ Suboh (BU ’13) stated, allowing them to feel that if they found themselves an emergency situation, they would better know how to react and help, not causing further harm to the victim. Nursing students, such as Wafa Abu Laban stated that this course was “good practice” for the upcoming fourth year of their nursing education.

Red CrescentStudents who took this course were able to take an exam that, if passed, would receive basic certification and allow them to continue on to take an 84 hour course which, if completed successfully, permits those volunteers to assist in the emergency call center or in the field, with paramedics. The last day of the workshop included a tour of the Bethlehem facilities where students were able to meet staff and explore a real ambulance.

As just one of PRCS many services, this course allows Bethlehem University and the PRCS to jointly act upon their dedication to community service and individual development, Red Crescentboth of which lead to improved quality of life for all Palestinians. Bethlehem University expresses its appreciation for the work done by PRCS and looks forward to more successful projects in the future.


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