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28 January, 2011

Bethlehem University Friend Father Paul Maddison returns to Bethlehem University

building and renewing friendships

Paul MaddisonBethlehem University received with great joy Father Paul Maddison and accompanying esteemed guests, Oct. 8th, 2010, greeted by Br. Joe Loewenstein - Manager of Special Projects and Mr. Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer. Fr. Maddison comes to us from the Church of the Sacred Heart in St. Ives (UK) and was joined by parishioners from with Brandon and Haverhill parishes.

The Church of the Sacred Heart in St. Ives is currently twinned with the Church of the Lady Mother of Sorrows, located in the village of Aboud, West Bank. Father Firas Aridah is the parish priest there.

Paul MaddisonFr. Maddison, the parish priest of Sacred Heart, along with groups from St. Ives and other places in East Anglia, has made regular visits to Palestine in order to offer solidarity and supportto the Aboud villagers, who are Christians and Muslims. Fr. Maddison was moved by the plight of Palestinian Christians and Muslims who live under Israeli occupation and initiated the series of visits, now numbering 28! Fr. Maddison has also generously donated to the University in the past whilst exposing parishioners to the real life circumstances in Bethlehem. He also does hisbest to represent the situation in his hometown by doing such things as setting up in his church a replica of the West Bank Separation Wall on the West Bank instead of the usual Christmas crèche. We thank Fr. Maddison and guests for joining us in Bethlehem and look forward to welcoming him back next year!

Guests were greeted by:

  • Brother Joe Loewenstein
  • Mr. Demitri Awwad

Many thanks to the following student ambassadors:

  • Sireen Nuami
  • Laila Alayan
  • Dina Rishmawi
  • Lina Sleibi

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