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4 February, 2011

Bethlehem University Graduate Mohammad Qatamish (BU’09) Awarded A Scholarship to Complete A Masters Degree in Physiotherapy in Japan

* Taken from BU Alumni website

Mohammad QatamishMohammad Qatamish,who graduated from Bethlehem University in 2009 with a major in Physiotherapy, has been awarded a scholarship to complete a Master in Physiotherapy at Kobe University in Japan for 18 months. Mohammad was one of three Palestinians who were awarded this highly competitive scholarship. Mohammad will begin his studies as a researcher in rehabilitation studies and then continue on to the Masters degree in Physiotherapy at Kobe University - Japan.

In 2007 Mohammad, while he was just a third year student at Bethlehem University, participated in a summer program called the “Middle East Partnership Initiative/Leadership Program,” conducted in the United States funded by the US Department of State. Mohammad was chosen to participate in that program due to his high academic achievement and enthusiastic desire to represent universities in the West Bank, primarily Bethlehem University, during the summer program. Muhammad was granted three certificates of honor; one from the U.S. Department of State, a certificate from Benedictine University, and another certificate from the mayor of Lisle and Naperville, Illinois.

 Mohammad has recently wrapped up work as a teacher assistant at Bethlehem University; a position he has held for the past three months. Mohammad assisted research students by following up on their research and reviewing their assignment papers, in cooperation with the students’ advisors. Mohammad used this opportunity to increase and upgrade his experience and skills in evaluating student researches, which in turn helped him to improve his knowledge in the field and transfer his experience as previous student and current research candidate for the important scholarship in Japan.  Mohammad Qatamish thinks “this experience gave me the chance to discover new good potentials inside me and learn new skills while interacting with the students and entering the academic life. It gave me the chance to find out new things I never noticed when I was student. I learned from the younger students and also from other teachers I worked with. It was a wonderful to have this opportunity."

"Being a student in Bethlehem University means a lot to me; since the teachers always encouraged and supported me. Here they never made me feel they are just my teachers but also close friends and parents who always wished the best for their son. I really feel proud that I graduated from this incredible university."

"I thank my teachers at Bethlehem University for their patience while teaching and their time while advising and guiding us. I send my thanks to our Nursing and Health Sciences Dean Ms. Amal Abu Nejmeh for her continuous support and encouragement. Also my dear supervisor during my Baccalaureate degree, Mr. Sa'adeh Al Sahouri, who always nourished my knowledge and developed my skills. To my dear current supervisors in the recent work - as an Academic Assistant- and during the Baccalaureate too, Ms. Itaf Maqboul &  Mr. Naji Abu Ali for their remarkable notes and wise guidance. Finally, I can’t forget my dear close friend Brother Peter Iorlano, for the precious time he spent with me during the last five and half years while he always guided and advised me."


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