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11 February, 2011

Keeping the spirit alive

Bethlehem University's WAJD musical group performs third concert

MusicWAJD, Bethlehem University’s talented group of musicians, performed its third concert for the pleasure of students, faculty, staff, and even parents. Through the efforts of the Office of the Dean of Students, the group which was named for a fellow student who passed away in 2008 and also loved music keeps his spirit and a shared passion for music alive. Their latest concert, the third, offered jazz pieces, the group’s trademark which commemorates Wajd’s enthusiasm for jazz, having been a saxophone player.

The group, which consists of traditional band iMusicnstruments as well as Oriental instruments, such as the kanoon, also recently performed in Tunis – the only group from Palestine invited to attend the 8th International Collegiate Music Festival in Susa along with seven other music groups.

Their latest performance included selections of folklore tunes, classical and modern Middle Eastern music, including a Fairuz classic, “Zahrat Al Madaen,” called “A Song for Jerusalem” in English. The concert was well attended by the university community and included the mother of Wajd, Suzanne Za’arour.

MusicThe group has high hopes for the future and hopes to become a permanent and well known feature of the university. The group, most of whose members are trained at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, was welcomed by the university community, who expressed desire to enjoy more performances, according to Nadine, one of the groups singers. She feels that belonging and having such a musical group adds diversity and enrichment to the academic atmosphere while allowing students to unwind from challenging studies. It also, according to Mai Jaber, presents an opportunity for the university to become recognized for contributions to the musical world as the group gains status - which will improve with support and time. Jaber is proud of the progress the young musicians have made during the past year and a half. WAJD also has a Facebook page which contains more information and news.

To see more photos of WAJD, click here.


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