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18 February, 2011

New Trends in Higher Education: Dr. Haifa Konkar Represents Bethlehem University in egypt

TrendsIn January, Dr. Haifa Konkar, Bethlehem University’s Dean of the Science Office and Mathematics, participated in a workshop entitled “New Trends of Higher Education,” held in Sharm El Sheik – Egypt. The conference was organized by the Center for Continuing Education - Birzeit University as part of the “Learning Innovation Node,” project, sponsored by the Ford Foundation which partners Bethlehem University, Birzeit University and the Al Quds University. Participants arrived from Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt to attend the conference.

Dr. Konkar presented a paper, entitled “Bethlehem University and the Local Community,” which focused on the role played by the three Bethlehem University centers plays on the community. The three centers are the Water and Environmental Center – Chemistry Department, the Hereditary Research Center – Biology Department, and the UNESCO Biotechnology Lab, the Institute for Community Partnership, the Department of Education, and the Nursing Department. She emphasized that it is through these centers that we play an important role in the community, such as through the ICP’s Fair Trade Center, which is working to help Palestinian farmers get fair prices for their products. She thinks that universities should be part of their communities and the decision making process, a belief that Bethlehem University strives to act upon every day.

Dr. Konkar felt attending the conference was beneficial because along with discussing important issues, such as leadership and research, it was an opportunity to meet other academics and propose plans for future projects which will strengthen the academic network in the Middle East, such as creating summer math camps in order to promote research in mathematics.  Another such project is a Middle East based research database, which takes its inspiration from ERIC. Dr. Konkar thinks Bethlehem University will be an important and unique contributor, being the only Arab university to have a hereditary research lab. We thank Dr. Konkar for representing Bethlehem University and for her efforts!


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