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25 February, 2011

Bethlehem Welcomes the German Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem

GermanOn Tuesday, February 22, Bethlehem University welcomed the German Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. Led by Msgr. Helmut Daniels - Curate of the German Association of the Holy Land and member of Archdiocese of Cologne and Mr. Michael Wierzimok - Judge at the Municipal Court of Cologne and Chairman of the Commission for New Knights and the Youth of the German Lieutenancy. Also, we had the opportunity to make new friends, who are newly inaugurated Knights from different parts of Germany. The guests were greeted at the main gate by Br. Peter Bray – Vice Chancellor, Br. Jack Curran – VP for Development, Paul Richter - Development Assistant, Angela Hawash – Abu Eita – Communications Officer and four of our student ambassadors.

GermanA jolly and welcoming lunch was served to the guests, which happened to be French cuisine, served as part of Bethlehem University’s French Cultural Week. Guests dined together and conversed with the Brothers, students and staff. Next was a visit to the new Education Building, for which the German Lieutenancy contributed major funding. The third leg of the trip was a showing of the university documentary “Bethlehem University: A Beacon of Hope,” which highlights some of the trials and triumphs of being the first and only Catholic university in the Occupied West Bank.

After the film, a discussion was held with the four student ambassadors where our guests were able to hear first hand the experiences of young students in Bethlehem. Questions related to such topics as students difficulties in reaching the campus and how students sometimes arrive at the decision to emigrate. The group came to the Holy Land to introduce themselves to the people and places of the area.

GermanThe EOHSJ, a good friend of Bethlehem University, is dedicated to preserving Christian life in the Holy Land and so through regular solidarity visits, funding and scholarships – things which are extraordinarily beneficial in supporting the community here and providing educational opportunities, such as the scholarship given to Basil Khoury, one of the student ambassadors participating in the visit. The German Lieutenancy, of which Dr. Heinrich Diskmann is the Lieutenant, maintains 1300 members. Bethlehem University congratulates the Knights and Ladies and hopes to see them all again soon!

Bethlehem University Thanks the following student ambassadors:

  • Wala Takkak
  • Nagib Kaspari
  • Basil Al Khoury
  • Siba Ewaiwi
  • Khalid Shomali


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