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25 February, 2011

The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute Graduates Participants of Church Leadership Training Course

Cardinal Martini In June 2010, the CMLI established a program, entitled Leadership in the Church in Haifa - Catholic Lays in the Haifa region of Galilee, which was a series of lectures focused on enhancing leadership training for active lay workers in the local church, mainly those working in the pastoral councils and youth movements in the area of Haifa and the Galilee. Training was given by Dr. Zaknoun, Br. Peter Iorlano and Ms. Ghaida’ Rahil. The 40 hour course, which began on June 12th, 2010 and ended on January 29th, 2011, was administered twice a month, each session lasting 6 hours. 35 women and men completed the training. Topics covered were Topics: the Church’s role in society, leaders of the Bible and characteristics of a Christian leader.

Cardinal Martini The graduation was held at Bethlehem University and was attended  and presided by  Dr. Joseph Zaknoun, Mr. Zoughbi Zoughbi, Ms. Ghaida’ Rahil, Br. Peter Iorlano and Br. Robert Smith. Guests included Bishop Shakour and Fr. Salim Sousan. All participants were awarded a certificate of participation.

The idea of a leadership institute was conceived at the time Bethlehem University awarded an honorary doctorate to Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. Subsequently, various friends of the University supported this idea and helped to secure funding to develop a leadership institute in the Cardinal’s honor. A think tank comprised of Palestinian and expatriate academicCardinal Martini s and NGO leaders was formed to develop the concept of the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute consistent with the mission of Bethlehem University and responsive to the needs of the Palestinian people.

Participants include:

  • Youth (e.g., university students and young people involved in youth organizations)
  • Women (working in or outside the home who want to enhance their skills for influencing others)
  • Employees in community-based organizations (e.g. NGOs and not-for-profit institutions and agencies- educational, social service, healthcare
  • Individuals in positions of civil or religious authority


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