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28 February, 2011

Office of PResident Mahmoud Abbas presents gift to bethlehem university

Mahmoud AbbasOn 14 February 2011, Bethlehem University representatives welcomed Palestinian Authority officials on campus. After a brief visit and tour of student artwork on display in Sansour Hall, the guests were hosted in the conference room, where they presented Bethlehem University with a $10,000.00 gift – presented on behalf of H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas. The gift, which will be distributed amongst Bethlehem University students in order to defray study costs, was presented by Major General Raed Al Fares, Mr. Firas Ghannem, and Mr. Mahmoud Atawneh – of the President’s Office. Also present was the Governor of Bethlehem – Mr. Abed Al Fatah Hamayel. The University was represented in the meeting by Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray, Mr. Youil, Mr. Mousa Darwish and Mr. Mahmoud Hammad, as well as a representative from the Bethlehem University Student Senate.

Mahmoud AbbasBethlehem University expresses its gratitude to their excellencies in support of Bethlehem University and their support of our mission to educate and prepare the future leaders of Palestine.


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