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14 March, 2011

Health Awareness Day at Bethlehem University

Health AwarenessAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, goes the old adage, which encourages us to take small daily steps which will add up to achievement of goals. In matters of health, it is very important for each person to practice healthy habits in order to help avoid health problems which might show up later in life, such as obesity, heart disease or cancer. The Faculty of Nursing at Bethlehem University is committed to this principle and organized a Health Awareness Day this week at Bethlehem University. Opened by Br. Peter Bray – Vice Chancellor, the exhibition featured booths set up and manned by third year nursing students, featuring health information and testing for AIDS, hepatitis, hemoglobin and blood type. According to the organizer Ms. Mariam Awad, the most important goal of the awareness day is that people are made aware of the importance of primary health care in preventing disease.

Health AwarenessSupported by the Palestine Bible Society, the exhibition was held in Sansour Hall. Visitors, which included faculty, staff, students and visiting schoolchildren, were able to learn more about the dangers of bad nutritional choices such as fad caffeine drinks like Red Bull™ or XL™. According to third year nursing student Kareem Sbeih, caffeine drinks give an initial boost of energy but are quickly followed by an energy slump. He points out that they increase the activity of the heart, forcing it to work harder and that this presents a serious danger to pregnant women as it is very likely to cause miscarriages, not a well known fact.

Health AwarenessInformation on herbs, which are delicious and beneficial when used as teas or in traditional Palestinian foods, was on display. The table laden with white porcelain crucibles full of herbs and spices emanated a heavenly smell as visitors got new ideas for healthful foods and drinks to cook at home.

Another booth featured information from the Guidance and Training Center for the Child and Family, a center providing therapy, educational and mental health care services for families. Hunaida Iseed says that these days, people are less shy about addressing academic, social and mental health issues and are beginning to understand that there are solutions to the problems that have afflicted families and individuals in the past. She stressed the need to treat mental problems such as schizophrenia which can end up as extreme and permanent if left untreated in its early stages.

Plenty of information, contacts and lively conversation was on offer as visitors stopped by the different booths. The third year nursing students did an excellent job at explaining different aspects of health which can easily be looked after on a daily basis at home. Congratulations to the Faculty of Nursing for a job well done!


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