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14 March, 2011

New Club @ Bethlehem University: the .net Club

New clubIf you're a Computer Science major at Bethlehem University, there’s a new club for you, the .net club. Since 2009 the university has had a computer club but as officers, who are senior students, prepare to graduate, the club has been going through a transitional period. Many members of the computer club are participating in .net club activities, in order to expand their computer science and IT skills.

Overseen by Dr. Muna Matar, Chairperson of the Department of the Computer Information Systems, the .net club is attracting attention for its focus on Microsoft software and the activitieNew clubs offered to introduce students to the latest MS technologies. Visiting speakers from PALDEV – a group dedicated to raising technology awareness by building communities of programmers & IT specialists in order to increase their skills and knowledge bases, will be offering workshops to achieve those ends. PalPros, the Palestinian IT Professional’s User Group will also be continuing to offer workshops such as “Windows Server 2008R2 Boot Camp @ Bethlehem University,” which will be held on February 26. One activity already completed was “Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview,” which attracted 35 students. Pictures and the link to more information can be viewed by clicking here.

New clubSuch activities are offered at universities who have .net clubs. Participating universities each have a student representative who is charged with establishing the .net club and helping to bring in speakers and visitors for training. Bethlehem University’s representative is Issa Giacaman, chosen to help get things going at Bethlehem University.

One of the .net club’s major goals is to be able to participate in the regions Imagine Cup, the world’s premier student technology competition. According to Issa Giacaman and Majdulene Odeh, this is a possible goal however they need practice and support. Designing a project for the competition requires access to plenty of Microsoft technology, something which Dr. Matar is in favor of although she sees a lot of potential in free access software. The .net club members hope that .net’s and the Computer Science departments activities will attract more attention due to the importance IT plays in today’s academic world. With the energy and drive that Dr. Munar and her energetic students are exhibiting, this club is sure to turn some heads.

The .net club also has a Facebook page entitled Bethlehem University .Net Club for those interested in activities and updates on the club.


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