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14 March, 2011

Bethlehem University Welcomes Dr. Rabab Tamish - Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence

Graduation 2012Bethlehem University is pleased to announce the new Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, Dr. Rabab Tamish. A Palestinian citizen of Acre, Dr. Tamish has a rich educational history which will enhance the university greatly. She began her education at the Hebrew University, majoring in Education before moving on to complete her Masters in Gifted Education at the University of Connecticut - USA. She joined the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University in 1998 to work in the early childhood program, as well as the community outreach and school development projects. In 2006 she left the faculty to continue her studies at the University of Cambridge – UK where she completed  a second Masters in Educational Research Methods and a Ph.D in Education. Her PhD thesis focused on Teachers’ Thinking and Professional Knowledge.

Dr. Rabab points to her PhD studies as a very fortifying and rich experience, the program utilizing a self learning approach which actually helped her learn more about the teaching and learning in higher education as well as educational research; her subject of interest. She thinks that her experience in Cambridge enriched her ability to see the bridge between theory and practice, especially in terms of teaching and learning in Palestine.

Dr. Rabab is pleased to be back at Bethlehem University and looking forward to the opportunities presented by the new Center for Teaching Excellence. She explains that her desire and motivation to work at B.U. is due to the enormous support that has been provided to her by B.U. faculty and staff, especially Brother Neil Kieffe.  Accordingly, she hopes that the Center for Teaching Excellence will have the potential to create a supportive and professional environment for faculty in order to enrich their teaching methods and research projects. She believes that the success of that center cannot be accomplished without the active support of the academic staff who, in her view, have much to offer to the teaching and learning environment at B.U. She believes that teaching in higher education means provoking students’ thinking and not only providing knowledge. Thinking is itself a method for generating and creation of knowledge. Thus when an instructor encourages his/her students to think, he/she will perceive the knowledge as a dynamic and a tool for generating further questions and thoughts rather than providing students with answers. In this regard, knowledge is created through the reflective interaction between the student, the teacher and the teaching "content."

The establishment of the Center, is funded by USAID and the Open Society Institute (OSI) and administered by the Palestinian Faculty Development Program (PFDP)/ AMIDEAST. The Center will have joint activities with international universities and locals, particularly with Alnajah University - Nablus and two US universities: Portland State University and Northwestern University.

Dr. Tamish hopes that the ‘needs assessment’ activity that the center is running this month will identify topics, subjects and human resources that will become the guidance and reference for the future activities and workshops of the center.

Bethlehem University is very pleased to welcome Dr. Tamish back and wishes her and all staff and faculty fruitful interaction and success in this new endeavor.


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