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18 March, 2011

TEDxRamallah Bus Stops at Bethlehem University

TEDxRamallahRepresentatives from Ramallah’s TEDxRamallah, x = independent, stopped at Bethlehem University, in order to give a brief presentation of TEDxRamallah, an upcoming event. According to the TED website, TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED). Since then its scope has become ever broader.

The mission is to spread amazing ideas, challenging the world’s most influential and captivating thinkers to deliver the “talk of their lives” and inspire audiences to take action, engage with them and engage with other. Conferences are held around the world where speakers are given 18 minutes or less to deliver the most dynamic speech they can. One TED speaker, Dr. William Ury, visited Bethlehem University recently in order to meet with Bethlehem University Institute of Hotel Management, partner in the Abraham Path Initiative, to introduce an entourage of filmmakers, media and new Executive Dr. Yunus Sola, to Palestine and the Abraham Path. To see Dr. Ury’s electrifying speech, click here.

TEDxRamallahOne such conference is set to be aired from Bethlehem, on April 16th, as a one day  TEDxRamallah event, which will be broadcast around the world, including 20 simulcast events are scheduled around the world, from as far as Shanghai, Montreal and Olomouc and as near as Cairo. Ivy League university MIT in Boston, Mass. has also committed to holding a simulcast event through its resident group, Palestine@MIT.

According to the website, in keeping with TED event guidelines, TEDxRamallah will follow bias-free programming of speakers, away from any commercial, religious or political agendas, within the capacity of what is possible in the context of Palestine.  Attendees and those who will watch the live streaming of the event around the world can expect to be inspired, provoked and emotionally stirred by an eclectic range of topics and stories, many of them beyond the reach of the larger audience.

 TEDxRamallah has already fostered a phenomenal sense of goodwill and dynamic energy, with overwhelming interest received in the inspirational stories of Palestine, even before the event takes place.  The depth of commitment, involvement and determination from people all around the world sets TEDxRamallah apart in its ambition to contribute to a more accurate reflection of Palestine.

After a short presentation by Mr. Marwan Tarazi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education, the audience of mainly students was encouraged to think about ways to transform higher education and get the best out of it. Guests were also invited to register for the upcoming conference, which will take place in the Bethlehem Convention Palace. This is an event not to miss!

For more information about TEDxRamallah, click here.


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