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1 April, 2011

Bethlehem University Welcomes the Belgium Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem

BelgiumOn Wednesday, 30 March 2011, Bethlehem University was honored to host members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher from Belgium. The group's feelings and excitement at being at Bethlehem University was as fine as the beautiful weather that morning and the gratitude in the hearts of the students, faculty, and Brothers who welcomed the group.   Dr. Van Steenberghe, group leader and guide, and Reverend Francis Goossens were glad to once again be on campus.

During their last visit on May 21st, 2008, Dr. Steenberghe and Rev. Goossens met with current staff and faculty members, Br. Cyril Litecky - Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, and Ms. Dina Awwad - Development Manager.

BelgiumThe group was first greeted by Mr. Demitri Awwad -Guest Relations Officer, making their first stop at the new Educational Building - currently under construction - thanks to funding support from the Equestrian Order, especially the German Lieutenancy, the Spanish government through the Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura, the people if the United States through USAID, the people of Switzerland through the Association in favor of Bethlehem University, and many private individuals. During their visit to the construction site the Belgium Lieutenancy learned about the significance of the teacher training programs for the enhancement of the Palestinian educational system that will be provided through this new facility (Click here for more information about the Education project and Building).

BelgiumThe group also enjoyed hearing about the history of the Chapel while simultaneously acknowledging the great art work that surrounded them. Following the chapel visit, the Belgium Lietenancy members headed to the university library for a viewing of a short movie about the University.  Here they were welcomed by Mr. Isaac Sahhar - Assistant Vice President of Development, Ms. Dina Awwad and Ms. Etaf Sayyed of the Nursing Faculty. Ms. Sayyed also briefly shared her experience about her visit to Belgium two years ago along with Ms. Amal Fakhouri - Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences.

BelgiumLunch in the Hotel Management concluded the group’s visit where Brother Peter Bray - Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University and Brother Jack Curran - Vice President of Development, presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Steenberghe recognizing the significant support the Belgian Lieutenancy has made to the University in making education possible for the people of the Holy Land.  Brother Peter also presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Steenberghe for Lieutenant François Kint de Roodenbeke.

Throughout the visit of the Belgium Liuetenancy a number of Student ABelgiummbassadors from Bethlehem University had the opportuity to engage in conversation with the members of the group, including an opportunity to dine together during lunch.  "Bethlehem University is blessed in having such close friends whose financial contributions provide essential support for the University - and whose visits and prayers provide significant opportunities that shape and form the characters of the young men women who are our students," remarked Br. Jack, in speaking with Dr. Steenberghe. 




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