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8 April, 2011

"Opening Paths to Life Through Reading"

ReadingBethlehem University hosted its second book fair on Tuesday April 5th, 2011, lasting till Thursday, 7th of April. Six vendors all together participated in the event. Available representatives were Kasha, Dandis, Sharbains, Dar El Firk, Dar El Jameat and Abu Goush. Welcoming the crowd of students, vendors, and BU staff and faculty to the event was Br. Peter Bray - Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, who took the floor after Dr. Mellie Brodeth - Director of the Library expressed her utmost appreciation for all the efforts, hard work and dedication from her staff and faculty for making this day possible.

ReadingBr. Peter Bray – Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University emphasized the importance of reading books, and of their significance in helping to shape society. “It is important as a nation that is building itself, to have access to that knowledge and resources which benefit the students, and future generations.”

As the crowd waited outside to enter Dr. Sansour Hall and view the collection of books available, music played by Wajd Group inside the hall could be heard at the entrance. Ms. May Jaber - Director of Wajd Group, conducted the performance as the “maestro.” The touch of music was very fitting for the environment as everyone browsed through the room searching for their favorite authors.

ReadingOutside of Sansour Hall, more surprises awaited, where several gorgeous paintings by several students, and a faculty member - Ms. Sammar Ghattas,  were hung up for everyone to see. Ms. Ghattas a talented artist and part of the faculty of Arts attended the opening, and one could clearly see the talent she possesses by viewing her art work.

At one in the afternoon following a brief break the staff and faculty returned to hand out an award for best creative writer. The competition orchestrated by Ms. Hanadi Younan from the English department drew several students from her class and elsewhere.

Judges for the award were Br. Robert Smith and Mr. David Nour. The first place prize went to Nadeen Qaimari was awarded a collection of books of her choice. Second place went to Dana Hashweh.

Congratulations to all!



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