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29 April, 2011

PalFest 2011 A Success at Bethlehem University

PalfestBethlehem University - This year, the Palestinian Festival of Literature 2011 went off without a hitch and in spite of being exam time, roughly one hundred Bethlehem University students registered and participated in the PalFest 2011 workshops given by world renowned writers such as the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, novelist and critic Lorraine Adams; Palestinian-American poet Nathalie Handal; critically acclaimed author and Pulitzer Prize-winner Alice Walker; American novelist and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Richard Price and British journalist, writer and broadcaster John McCarthy.

PalfestThe participants were been met in Palestine by a group including the poet and editor Najwan Darwish, editor and poet Tariq Hamdan, novelist and newspaper editor Akram Musallem, writer and singer Tania Nasser and composer Rima Tarazi. The festival visited Jerusalem, Nazareth, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron and showcases the literary and cultural diversity within Palestine and the strong ties between Palestinian and American and European writers. The show is a travelling show in order to ensure as many as possible Palestinians are able to participate, in light of the travel restrictions in the Palestinian Territories.

PalfestThe Bethlehem University coordinator for PalFest, Hiba Ewaiwi said that she was pleased that in spite of the presence of exam time and scheduling difficulties experienced by students and faculty, the fact that all who registered, came, shows the appreciation and dedication of students to literature and the opportunity to meet with leaders of the literary world. Students and faculty had the opportunity to attend several workshops which were led by the guest writers.

Bethlehem University thanks all the coordinators of PalFest as well as all participants, for coming to Bethlehem and sharing their knowledge and time. We hope sincerely that this event happens again next year and is enjoyed peacefully and successfully by all.

For more information on PalFest click here.

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