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29 April, 2011

Bethlehem University Athletics Instructor and Graduate Shine at the Women's International Film & Arts Festival 2011

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Bethlehem University is very proud to announce that the documentary "Jalla (Yalla), Girls!" has been awarded the Best Documentary Short Film prize at the Women's International Film & Arts Festival 2011, held this year in Hollywood, Florida. Directed by Annalisa Vozza and written by Annalisa Vozza and Lorenzo Face, the documentary stars Bethlehem University Director of Athletics Ms. Samar Araj Al-Mousa and Bethlehem University graduate and captain of the Palestinian Women’s Football Team, Honey Thaljieh.

The film depicts the experiences of the Palestinian women's national football team as they travel to Jordan to participate in an international football competition attended by other women's teams from the Arab countries. The film also shows how the tournament was also an occasion for the Palestinian players from different parts of the fragmented Palestinian Territories to meet each other, outside of the Territories.

The director, Annalisa Vozza expressed to Ms. Samar her appreciation for their cooperation, saying  “[I] thank you all for your great contribution to it. The award is dedicated to all the girls of the Palestinian Women's Football Team and it is a tribute to their determination and value.”

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