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6 May, 2011

Computer Information Systems (CIS) 2011 Reunion

CISThe CIS Department along with the Alumni Relations Office held the first reunion for the 18 March 2011. Dr. Muna Matar welcomed the guests. Brother Peter Pray – Vice Chancellor, also welcomed the guests, which included current students, staff, faculty and graduates. Br. Peter emphasized that Bethlehem University cares about the students, employees and graduates who have a vital role in serving the community. Dr. Hayfa Konkar - Dean of Science and Chairperson of Math also welcomed the guests followed Ms. Haneen Musleh the Alumni Relations Officer, who welcomed the guests again and explained the mission and activities of the new Alumni Office at Bethlehem University upcoming plans for events, activities and workshops. She emphasized the importance of reconnecting and preserving ties with graduates.

CISThe CIS department was pleased to have Brother Henry Chaya, who was the first chairperson in the CIS Department, who expressed his pleasure at being present at the reunion. Br. Henry did a lecture about nanotechnology, which it is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. After the lecture, Br. Henry opened the floor for discussion with the attendees.

CIS department alumnus John Al-Bandak ‘07 emphasized that such activities will encourage graduates to reconnect with the university and benefit from the services of the Alumni Office. In order to design an attractive program of activities, the CIS department developed a survey that was to given to the graduates to fill. Questions were related to current education level, current work situation, their experience in the university and the skills they gained as well as their opinions on reconnecting with Bethlehem University.  Dr. Muna Mattar emphasized that through this survey the CIS department will be able to develop their academic program through the feedback of the graduates and to find better ways in order to reconnect with the graduates.

CISAt the end of the day the attendees enjoyed lunch together and formed a graduate executive committee charged with keeping in touch with the CIS Department and Alumni Office. The committee will work with the Alumni office in order to arrange social activities, IT related workshops, training and other activities of interest to CIS graduates. The Alumni Office at Bethlehem University is proud of all the efforts that the CIS department does raising the standard of education and doing their utmost to best serve students and graduates.


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