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6 May, 2011

Bethlehem Graduate Hani Imam ’77 Comes Home

Hani ImamOn the 20th April, 2011 Bethlehem University welcomed some very special guests and friends of the university, Abu El Walid Dajani - founder and former Director of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Mr. Hani Imam ’77, his wife Ms. Susie  Imam and son, Jacob. Welcoming the group was Mr. Isaac Sahhar - Assistant  Vice President for Development, Mr. Nabeel Al Mufdi '75 - Director for Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Mr. Philip Daoud - Communications and Alumni Relations Manager, Ms. Samar Khalil '08- Development Officer, Ms. Haneen Musleh '07 - Alumni Relations Officer and student ambassadors.

Brother Cyril later welcomed the dear guests in the Executive Meeting Room and thanked them for their support for Bethlehem University and its students. Mr. Dajani highlighted the role of Bethlehem University in building and enhancing the community.

Hani ImamMr. Imam expressed his pleasure to be on campus of the Bethlehem University after a long absence and expressed his gratitude to Bethlehem University and its faculty and staff for their efforts. Mr. Imam had the chance to see new additions to the university and reminisce with his teacher Mr. Dajani.

The guests were taken on a tour to the library, Turathuna, and the new Education building, currently underway. The most fun was had in the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism where the Imam family, Mr. Dajani, and Bethlehem University representatives lunched together with old friends who joined the occasion - Mr. Khader Musleh, Mr. Omar Khalil and Mr. Youil Anastas ’86.  During the meal, Brother Peter honored the Imam family with certificates of honor as token of appreciation for their support to Bethlehem University and its mission.

Hani ImamThen after taking some photos on Campus with Br. Peter and the PR and Development team, the guests were taken with Br. Peter Iorlano and Mohammad Qaisi ’06 to tour other parts of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem University is proud to produce graduates who have remarkable influence in their communities and their support in achieving the mission of Bethlehem University. Thanks to the Bethlehem University community for all their efforts and especially to the Imam family for their devotion to the university and community.

Hani Imam


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