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20 May, 2011

Bethlehem University Staff and Faculty Celebrate De La Salle Day

de la Salle DayOn May 15th Bethlehem University faculty, staff, and De La Salle Christian Brothers celebrated the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, John Baptist De La Salle, an important figure in the history of Bethlehem University and other Lasallian tradition educational institutions. Honoring the university with his presence was Archbishop Antonio Franco who led the Mass prayers.

The annual celebration began with a liturgy in the university chapel where staff and faculty members recited verses from the Bible, much of which was coordinated by Brother Peter Iorlano - Coordinator of Institutional Values. After the mass the Brothers community greeted faculty and staff. Also held was the 15th annual Staff Recognition, which took place in Furno Hall. Honorees who are retiring are Dr. Norma Hazboun - Department of Social Sciences, Dr. Jean Kattan – Faculty of English, Dr. Qustandi Shomali – Department of Arabic and Mr. Farid Zeit - Bookstore. Dr. Jean gave a short but touching speech as she thanked the University for all the great years she has enjoyed and spoke of how Bethlehem University will forever be a part of her life. Please click here for the full list of honorees.

de la Salle DayHotel Management Chef - Mr. Peter Hermantas, and Mr. Nabil Al-Mufdi - Director of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, arranged a barbeque picnic in the garden for the Bethlehem University community. The staff and faculty all enjoyed the great food and company while chatting and laughing about different issues and topics.  After the picnic, as a special treat for the children and the big kids, the family movie “Finding Nemo” was screened in Furno Hall.

For the complete photo album, click here.

de la Salle Dayde la Salle Dayde la Salle Dayde la Salle Dayde la Salle Day



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