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27 May, 2011

MICAD Community Gathers to Analyze Revolutions in the Arab World

MICADOn Friday May 20th, the MICAD community held a round table discussion to bring together internationaland Palestinian experts to discuss the ongoing situation of revolutions and uprisings taking place in the Middle East. The purpose of the discussion was to evaluate what objectives were reached through the uprisings, what kind of impact they might have on the surrounding countries, the role of the West, and the various interests and socio-political agendas that external and internal actors have in these events.

Ms. Lucia Russo – MICAD Program Coordinator explained that such an event was an interesting and necessary opportunity for experts to sit down together and deeply discuss and analyze what is taking place, how communities might be affected and to also predict the various effects the current revolutions will have.

MICADMs. Russo also pointed out the importance of the contributions of current MICAD students and graduates to these kinds of discussions as their professional backgrounds and unique educational experience, through MICAD, have implications for broader discussions and analysis.

The program was as follows:

Welcome Message:

Br. Peter Bray, FSC, Ed.D - Vice Chancellor, Bethlehem University
Dr. Fadi Kattan - Dean of the School of Business Administration

14.00-16.00 – SESSION 1

Prof. Walid Atallah - Professor of Political Sciences at Bethlehem University

Dr. Roger Heacock - Professor of History at Birzeit University
Democracy and the political agenda of the revolutions

Dr. Lina Khamis - Professor of Political Sciences at Bethlehem University
The socio-economic agenda of the revolutions

Mr. Michele Giorgio - Journalist for the Italian journal ‘Manifesto’
Revolution movements between national unity and division

Ms. Lina Qumsieh - Program Officer at World Vision
Counter-revolution: the case of Egypt and Tunisian

16:00 – 18:00 – SESSION 2

Dr. Antonio Raimondi - Mayor of Gaeta Municipality - Italy

Mr. John Gatt-Rutter - Deputy Representative of European Union Delegation to WB&G
European perspective towards revolutions in the Arab World

Dr. Gian Paolo Calchi Novati - Professor of History at University of Pavia - Italy
The role of the West and its interests in the revolutions of the Arab world

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh - Professor of Sciences at Bethlehem University
The spread of revolutionary movements to other countries

Mr. Majd Abdel-Hamid - Representative of March 15th Youth Movement
Revolutions in the Arab world and the Palestinian question


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