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10 June, 2011

"Aid to the Church In Need" Group Visits Bethlehem University

ACNOn Wednesday May 18th, 2011 Bethlehem University welcomed the “Aid to the Church in Need” group lead by Mr. Joris Van Voorst - National Director of the Netherlands branch.  “Aid to the Church in Need” was founded in 1947 by Fr. Werenfried Van Straaten who throughout his life helped many persecuted and needy people. The shared missions of the university and this group, bringing hope to those who need it, have brought the two together in achieving their objectives.
Welcoming the group was Mr. Isaac Sahhar - Assistant Vice President of Development and Mr. Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer. The visit included a stop at the university chapel and a short tour before going to the Digital Media Center for a viewing of the university “Beacon of Hope.”

Towards the end of the visit the group had the opportunity to speak with students about various important issues that affect their lives as students in the Holy Land. Our guests also gifted the student delegation with school supplies, as a show of appreciation. Bethlehem University likewise would like to express its appreciation for “Aid to the Church in Need” and look forward to future visits and fruitful projects which will enhance the role of the university, the only Catholic university, in the Holy Land. For more photos, click here.


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