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10 June, 2011

Strong Roots, Strong Futures: The Siman Family Plants More Seeds at Bethlehem University

SimanOn Wednesday, June 1, Bethlehem University was pleased to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jose Eduardo Siman and their daughter Pilar. The Siman family, whose roots are in Bethlehem, live in Miami - Florida yet they sustain a strong relationship with those living in Bethlehem.

The family tells a story that goes quite a long way back, starting with grandfather Jose J. Siman and grandmother Natalia Jacir’s emigration from Bethlehem to El Salvador in 1921. Ancestors to a large family, Jose J. and Natalia Jacir left an extraordinary legacy that continues to flourish to this day.

Natalia Jacir De Siman's infinite capacity to love, her compassion, her steadfastness in hardship and her profound faith in God and the Virgin Mary made an indelible mark on all of her descendants. So strong was the impression, a book entitled “Una Mujer Llamada Natalia” (“A Lady Called Natalia”) was written about the matriarch, a copy of which Mr. Jose Siman donated to Turathuna (our heritage) housed within the Bethlehem University library. Click here to read more about the book.

SimanThe Siman family has supported Bethlehem University since 1998 with the Siman Family Endowed Scholarship. More lately, the family expressed even greater interest in supporting Bethlehem University, establishing in December 2010, the Natalia Jacir De Siman Endowed Scholarship Fund - a fully endowed scholarship.  This scholarship has been established to help deserving and needy Christian students with the purpose of encouraging them to obtain a good education and to maintain their roots in the Holy Land.

With this new Natalia Jacir De Siman Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Siman family wishes to honor the example of their mother as a Palestinian woman and hope that her legacy will continue to transcend beyond her family. The Natalia Jacir De Siman Endowed Scholarship Fund will begin to be awarded during the Spring 2012 semester.


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