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10 June, 2011

Prof. Steve Tones of University Of Chester Returns to Bethlehem University

University of Chester and Bethlehem University have partnered up to enhance Bethlehem  elementary schools. Through the cooperation of Prof. Steven Tones and Ms. Samar Al Araj –  Director of Athletics, studies of the current status of Bethlehem schools physical education and curricula are being made. The schools that will be involved in this study are both government , private and U.N. schools. Prof. Steve will at a later stage administer some physical education classes while meeting with relevant faculty and the as well as employees of the Ministry of Education in order to discuss his findings and share his ideas.

One of the outcomes of this research project is to indentify good teaching practices to share with the interested physical education organizations in the area and elsewhere. The study is also very good for this region as it is unique to the schools and will benefit the students and add value to such programs which enhance the future development of physical education.

Prof. Tones referred to international studies from 2000 and 2005 which looked at the Middle East in general but didn’t deal with it in depth. Prof. Tones is hoping that Palestine will be given more attention with time and efforts so that physical education can play a more influential role in the country. Mr. Rizek Sleibi – Dean of Education is also very supportive of the project, according to Prof. Tones as the two educators share a belief that physical education is important to the holistic development of children.


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