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11 June, 2011

Vice CHancellor Bray Tells Graduates To Carry Good Memories of Achievements With Them

Bethlehem University Graduates Class of 2011

Graduation 2011Bethlehem, Palestine - On June 9th and 10th, Bethlehem University graduated the 35th class, the ceremony having been divided amongst the two days to accommodate the increasing student body. This year more than 770 graduates, including the 52 postgraduate students of the Masters of International Cooperation and Development studies program will be awarded their certificates.

The ceremonies were presided over by Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray who behooved students to carry with them the good memories of their achievements at Bethlehem University. Also presiding was with H.E. Archbishop Antonio Franco, Chancellor. Keynote speeches were given by H.E. Lamis Al-Alami – Minister of Higher Education, Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern and Board of Trustees members, Mr. Abdelqader Al-Husseini and Chairman Fuad Kattan. Minster Al-Alami emphasized the Palestinian Authoritiy's role in supporting education.

Graduation 2011On the 9th, salutatorian Reem Joseph Baboun ’11 (Business Administration in Accounting) gave the graduation address while valedictorian Ahlam Ahmad Mashal ’11 (Biology) gave the second day’s graduation address. Both graduates were eloquent in their speeches, which expressed their hopes for the future after their successful time spent at Bethlehem University.

Also part of the celebration was devoted to presenting H.E. Monsignor Archimandrite Robert L. Stern with an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. He expressed his pleasure at seeing the sea of young faces, saying "I see highly motivated young men and women who have worked hard and made great Graduation 2011sacrifices to be here. I see the mothers and fathers of tomorrow, the teachers and nurses, the guides and business personnel. I see graduates who have learned well the lesson that in unity there is strength. I see in your bright faces and bold hearts the bright future of Palestine." Vice Chancellor Bray commended H.E. Stern's continuous and long time devotion to Bethlehem University. Msgr. Stern's citation can be viewed by clicking here. For more coverage from the Brother's of the Christian Schools website, please click here.

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Graduation 2011Graduation 2011Graduation 2011Graduation 2011Graduation 2011


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