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11 June, 2011

Monsignor Archimandrite Robert L Stern Earns Honorary Doctorate for Tireless Service to the Palestinian People

Robert SternOne June 11th, long time friend and supporter of Bethlehem University, H.E. Monsignor Archimandrite Robert L Stern, was awarded with a Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa. Msgr. Stern is recognized by the Bethlehem University community for his keen intellect and consistent expression of love for all of God’s people through his dedication to the Vatican’s humanitarian relief, pastoral and development support through the Middle East, Northeastern Africa, India, and Eastern Europe.
Msgr. Stern’s service as a member of Bethlehem University’s International Board of Regents since 1994 and as the Chair for thirteen years was not his only contribution to the university as he was also a founding member of the

Robert SternBethlehem University Foundation Board of Directors in 1998, serving as Chair for nine years. Msgr. Stern’s leadership helped greatly to propel Bethlehem University forward, enhancing its role in serving the students, faculty, alumni and people of Palestine. As, Secretary General of CNEWA for the past 25 years, Msgr. Stern has shown unrelenting compassion and support for the Christians of  Palestine and the Middle East and strongly believes that to serve God is a special calling. Read more about Msgr. Stern’s story here.

During the presentation, which coincided with the 2011 Graduation Ceremony, Msgr. Stern expressed his pleasure at seeing the sea of young faces, saying "I see highly motivated young men and women who have worked hard and made great sacrifices to be here. I see the mothers and fathers of tomorrow, the teachers and nurses, the guides and business personnel. I see graduates who have learned well the lesson that in unity there is strength. I see in your bright faces and bold hearts the bright future of Palestine." Vice Chancellor Bray commended H.E. Stern's continuous and long time devotion to Bethlehem University.

A New York native, born and raised far away from the grounds of Bethlehem University, Msgr. Stern’s devotion to those around the world serves as a model to us at Bethlehem University and demonstrates the importance of devotion and love for the human family – a core principle of the Lasallian beliefs that bring life to Bethlehem University.

Bethlehem University wishes Monsignor Stern
strength and success in
his honorable work.

To view the citation of Msgr. Stern, please click here.
View Msgr. Stern's remarks here.
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