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17 June, 2011

Ecce Homo Group Tours Bethlehem University

EcceSr. Bernadette and her group of passionate students visited Bethlehem University on the 15 June 2011. A regular site for Sr. Bernadette, her visit included students from the Ecce Homo center in Jerusalem who are there as part of a three month sabbatical program that includes tours to various religious sites.

Br. Peter Bray - Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University welcomed the group of about 40 students in Cardinal Furno Hall of the Millennium building. As the group watched the movie “Beacon of Hope,” they got a better understanding of the background of Bethlehem University. Br. Peter and several student ambassadors also contributed to answering the groups’ questions about student life on campus and in Palestine.

EcceMr. Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer was also very glad to have been a part of this exciting group, as he was glad to see the students engaging with the visitors who seemed to enjoy their time learning more about the situation here on campus and in the Palestine.

A particularly memorable moment of the visit was when Br. Peter Bray spoke of the future that the graduates of Bethlehem University had awaiting for them outside the university gates.

Thanks to the following Student Ambassadors:

  • Siba Ewaiwi
  • Mary Abu-Ghattas
  • Sana Abu-Judeh


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