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17 June, 2011

5th Gospel Retreats Visits Bethlehem University, Soak Up Bethlehem Culture

RadioBethlehem University was honored to welcome on Monday, June 6th members from the Immaculate Heart Radio group. Previous to the visit Br. Jack Curran - Vice President of Development, Ms. Angela – Hawash – Abu Eita - Communications Officer, Ms. Patti Riippa – Senior Officer, Development and Communications, James Howell - Campaign Director and Demitri Awwad – Guest Relations Officer were all part of the faculty members to welcome the guests.

Joining the group was Father Branigan, who serves on the Executive Committee of Immaculate Heart Radio, a growing Catholic radio network founded by his father, Doug Sherman. Fr. Branigan has a keen interest in learning more about life in Palestine for Christians and is very much involved, through his work, with locals, including Maxim Sansour. Joining Fr. Branigan was Ms. Charlene Schoen of Arizona, whose daughter is very much involved in issues important to Palestinian Christians and loves to visit Bethlehem.

RadioAlso joining the group were Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Ellen Haas of Cupertino, California, as well as their grown children. The dynamic and charming Haas family, whose children are pursuing their studies in the United States, showed a keen interest in understanding more about life for students living in Palestine. Daughter Catherine, who is studying Nutritional Science at Pepperdine University, listened intently as graduate Angela Abu Eita ’11 explained the MICAD master’s program and its impact on local NGO’s in Palestine.

Ms. Della Shenton, manager of the non for profit group, 5th Gospel Retreats, has lead several groups to the university and was excited as always to be on campus. Ms. Shenton is a Pastoral Liturgist in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth and a member of the Diocesan Liturgy Commission. She studied Spirituality and Theology at Cambridge University, at Heythrop College - London and at St Mary's - Strawberry Hill and has a Master's Degree in Pastoral Theology. Very much interested in the situation in Palestine, she has written the following article, seen by clicking here.

The guests were led on a tour, which allowed them to see more about academic life in Bethlehem. The visit ended in Turathuna, where the guests were shown antique artifacts of Palestinian life, including what was laughingly known as the chicken maternity hospital. Bethlehem University staff thanks Ms. Shenton and her delightful guests for a wonderful visit and look forward to welcoming them again.


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